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Compatible Partners Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 1 200 365
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website matches the personality of its members to gauge compatibility
  • The guided communication feature ensures users break the ice
  • The SecureCall tool allows for end-to-end encryption for text and calls
  • Members feel that the prices could have been still lower
  • The lengthy registration procedure is rather irritating

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Eleven years ago, in 2009, Compatible Partners was launched exclusively for gays and lesbians. In the coming years, the Compatible Partners website took giant leaps to become one of the best in the niche. In 2019, it joined another giant dating network called eHarmony.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

While the basic principles of the matching algorithm are the same, there is a lot of difference between them. Compatible Partners is far more superior in this regard. If you are looking to find a same-sex partner for a long-term relationship, it will be a perfect place for you. The members are painstakingly matched based on their profiles and their general compatibility. If you are looking for a long-term same-sex partner, the following Compatible Partners review will convince you and dispel all your doubts. The developers have left no stone unturned to make sure that all the gay relationship’s needs are taken care of.

Once you take the effort and finish reading all Compatible Partners reviews, you will realize that it is not just one more dating website. It looks beyond one-nights, flings, casual hook-ups, and focusses all its energies to make sure that its users are happy finding their soulmates.

Compatible Partners has something called guided communication that allows chats to flow seamlessly. But social interaction is not enough. The site has brilliant security features that let its members interact without worrying about being hacked or phished. The platform has an elaborate signing up process, with over 100 different types of questions. There is absolutely no doubt that you will find your faithful partner here.


Compatible Partners members join only to find long-term relationships. There is absolutely no bar on age and sexual orientation; however, only singles can become members. The demographics of the website give a very heartening picture: there are people aged from 20 to 60 years and above. Therefore, the service is not faith-based and has no prejudices against someone’s beliefs.

Compatible Partners users come from countries all over the world. The membership pool is growing steadily, with the maximum number of visitors from the US, Canada, and Oceania.

There is a healthy ratio on Compatible Partners in terms of gender. Almost every visitor is very active on the website. There are regular sign-ins daily. Most of the members are here to find themselves long-term partners to spend their lives with. People who join Compatible Partners never want to leave it unless, of course, they have met the husband/wife of their dreams.

The Compatible Partners profile building is meticulous and a bit stretchy and time-consuming, but it is a small price to pay to find your lifelong spouse. For the record, this Canada-based platform has a whopping 500 000 participants at the moment.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

Real Life Review

Prerna, 26, US:

“When I first checked Glenda’s profile on the website, I remember something telling me this is her. I mean, there was everything I looked for in a partner. Of course, we clicked in an instant!

The best part is that we did not see each other for almost a year. We were on a website like most normal long-distance relationships are. One fine day, Glenda decided that we had to live in to enjoy our lives. She had planned everything out herself meticulously. I had absolutely no hint. So, one day, Glenda quit her job and rented her apartment and dropped by my place. It was the best surprise of my life. We are going strong. I am so glad to tell you all that we are only two months shy of our fifth anniversary together, and I cannot tell you how I am looking forward to spending my entire life with this fantastic woman!”

David, 56, Canada:

“The best part about meeting Calvin at my age is that I had already dated four men, and I had almost given up on the idea of meeting the perfect partner. But then Compatible Partners happened, and Calvin walked into my life, lighting it up with his charm and charisma. It will be two years today since we met, and I have never regretted my decision to call him my wife. This is a big shout out to anyone that thinks the “perfect partner” is only a myth. Turns out that it is not!”


One of the main reasons why Compatible Partners is extremely popular among its patrons is that it uses a virtual interface that is easy to understand and extremely friendly.

The simplicity of the design and the minimalist approach to its feature buttons and functions is something you are bound to notice for the first time. The icons and the options are all visible on the menu bar itself. The match list is shown on your profile page itself along with the matched profile details (name, location, age, and profile image).

If you take simplicity with a pinch of salt, you are bound to become impressed with the easy navigation on Compatible Partners. The buttons are neatly arranged, and there is no cluttering on the screen. The labeling of the features and buttons is straightforward so that newcomers and not too tech-savvy people can go about without breaking their heads over the functions. You may be bombarded with advertisements and pop-ups that will coax you to upgrade to the premium membership, but apart from it, it gets 4.5 stars out of 5.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features


If you think that Compatible Partners registration will take you a fraction of a minute, forget it! There is no way you can fill in the membership form in five, ten, or even twenty minutes!

There are two types of membership — free and premium. When you open Compatible Partners and start signing in, you will be asked:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Zipcode
  • Email
  • Password

Once you have indicated all these details and clicked sign in, you will realize that the procedure is long from over. There are about 200 questions that every member is expected to fill up before the website counts their head.

The most conservative of estimates point out that the questionnaire can take about 1-hour if taken at one shot. But don’t hurry up if you are not too anxious to check out the Compatible Partners community.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

It is called the Relationship questionnaire:

Here, you are given a summary of the main questions, as it’s impossible to enlist all the 200 questions here.

  • Scalar questions:

There are questions where you need to answer a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is not essential, and 7 is a very strong interest. In between, there are rarely, absolutely, disagree, none to very important, almost always, and agree.

  • MCQ or questions that have multiple choices:

Members are expected to choose either one or more answers; there are no right or wrong ones. The reason for this part is that the user often puts up a pretension, but his answers can give away his nature, beliefs, and temperament.

  • True or false questions
  • Answers in less than 21 words
  • There are about 15 general questions that pertain to information regarding one’s appearance, relationship/marriage status, children, and other general information.
  • Questions that relate to the importance of your partner’s age, education, income, and ethnicity.
  • Personal characteristics (six questions)

This segment includes everything your prospective match may want to know about your inclination towards religion or the faith you choose to practice.

There is no compulsion in filling up any of those. However, a complete page attracts maximum interest. Therefore, you may want to strive and complete the Compatible Partners questionnaire even if you think some of the questions are not relevant. You can even go so far to specify what faith and denomination you would like your partner to be following.

  • The About section has a maximum of 19 questions

It is an easy part because you simply have to rate the traits you possess.

  • 56 questions about self

The segment includes questions with a scale to those where you need to give one word for things that describe you. For instance, are you ambitious or stable or you like to spend a lot, or you like saving?

  • One exciting question about choosing four descriptive words your friends will use to describe you.
  • 34 questions on personal characteristics

These are yet again scaled to queries where the member has to rate the given statements. An example could be about your sense of humor or your curiosity.

  • 20 questions on feeling

This Compatible Partners block allows you to scale questions with emotions. It aims to draw a rough emotional graph of your feelings in the last one month. Say, when you were unfortunate in the previous month or exhilarated. It is a fun segment, and you will come to know a lot about yourself.

  • 13 questions on relationships and values

Scale questions about you, your preferred match, and how long your relationships last on an average.

  • Qualities that you possess
  • Things that you are grateful for
  • Personality questions
  • A true or false exercise about your traits

For example, do you lie? Do you like making friends, etc.?

  • 28 questions on your interests and hobbies
  • A short text question on what you are passionate about
  • The Living Skills segment has about 15 questions in total
  • 8 questions on how you communicate
  • 12 questions on matching
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Location info and how much distance is reasonable between you and a prospective match

You may add pictures on the profile if you like. To upload images, use regular mail.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

Start Conversation

There is no way that you can search for a partner on your own. The catch on Compatible Partners is that when you sign up, patiently answering 200 questions about yourself and your partners’ expectations, the website will use all the information and, with the help of its algorithms, search and throw up a match for you.

These are the primary requisites for Compatible Partners to search its database:

  • name
  • gender
  • country of origin and zip code
  • email
  • password

Unless you are matched, you cannot contact any person or view their page or picture. There are no private search options or filters on the Compatible Partners website.

Once you clicked with someone, use the icebreaker question to start a conversation. Unless and until another person replies, you cannot either email or call him or her. It is to maintain absolute security for the members. There is no way you can even check out who has attempted to view your profile and picture.

The Compatible Partners website will allow any gay or lesbian relationship as long as they are single, divorced, or widowed. The site can be used for casual and long-term dating.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

Special Features

  • Get help to complete your profile:

If you love to meet people, but you cannot write to impress, you could hire professionals to do the job for you. All you need is $100 and 3 days, and you will be surprised how many profile visits are there.

  • Premium Personality Profile

For an extra hundred bucks, you could get yourself an extended profile!

  • RelyID

It is a verification tool that continuously cross checks all the information you enter with other business databases. Once the website verifies everything, Compatible Partners will award a RelyID Authentication Badge on your page. And it costs only about $6 extra.

  • Secure Call

A secure call is the most private way to talk to your matches over the phone. It will not reveal your phone number and costs $5.95 per month; long-distance charges do not apply. You can save up to three different numbers.

  • Turn off auto-renew

You can turn the auto-renewal off if you do not wish Compatible Partners to automatically renew your subscription at the end of the billing period.

  • Upgrade to a premium account to get the best advantage

Compatible Partners reviews will tell you how you can increase your website experience if you upgrade your account to the premium one. One Compatible Partners review said that the website could be used relatively efficiently if the member used a paid version.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

Mobile Applications

There is no mobile application as of now. The best way to use the website is to log into its web application from the internet browser on your PC or mobile devices.

Costs and Prices

Compatible Partners has two types of membership: free and premium. The signing up and registering is free for all. But if you like to enjoy some of the benefits that are only earmarked for its subscribers, then it is a good idea to commit to the service.

Compatible Partners says that the pricing is in US dollars, and the price of a particular subscription package may vary based on the location, the purchasing time, and the place of buying.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

Here are the two types:

  • Basic

It allows sending and receiving messages from other members, skipping guided communication steps, expediting communication between couples and friends.

Viewing avatars and profile visitors

The basic plan at Compatible Partners is $59.95 for one month; $119.85 for 3 months (save 33%), and $179.70 for 6 months (save 50%). If you subscribe for one year, you can help yourself to a monthly $239.40.

  • The second plan is called Total Connect:

It includes basic plan features, plus:

  • RelyID
  • Secure Call to make anonymous voice calls to other members
  • Premium Personality Profile

Membership starts from 3 months. It will cost $134.85 for 3 months, $203.70 for 6 months, and $287.40 for a full one-year subscription.

Free Services

A member is only allowed to sign in and register an account on Compatible Partners for free.

Free-Based Services


Create a profile


Check out profiles and pictures of other members

Make SecureCall or RelyID, which are two-way encrypted

Send and receive messages

Payment Options

Payment can be made with either credit or debit cards. The site also accepts other global payment leaders such as PayPal and Bill Me Later platforms.

Compatible Partners Review 2020: Membership, Costs and Special Features

Security and Privacy

Compatible Partners has a set of efficient tools for safeguarding members’ privacy. There is a registry where you can specify clearly what mails you are open to receiving. You can hide and reveal your picture, profile info, and even certain parts of your page.

The SecureCall feature is a great help when it comes to maintaining the safety of the community. It enables you to call other users without letting them know of your phone number.

Compatible Partners is entirely safe, and all its text and video are end-to-end encrypted. There is no way that anyone can be eavesdropping over your conversation. The site is cautious with all the member’s information and does not sell anything to third parties.


Compatible Partners understands that the struggle with finding a gay or lesbian partner is real. Living in a homophobic world is bad; Compatible Partners helps you meet your soulmate with ease. It is open to LGBT singles, irrespective of your age, race, or religion.

It has devotedly helped hundreds of gay and lesbian couples that have met on the platform and clicked with each other. This platform’s uniqueness is that it uses self-devised compatibility tools to narrow down the searches to find your perfect match. The guided conversation function is also a god sent for tongue-tied individuals.

There are no two things about the fact that Compatible Partners is one of those sites you need to get on when you consider long-term relationship goals.

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