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Her Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women

Her Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-29
Profiles 419 200
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Her is female-oriented and entirely female-managed.
  • It provides a very healthy environment for LGBTQ users.
  • Messaging is unlimited, and you do not need to be a premium member for it.
  • The application sends constant messages to upgrade to its premium version.
  • For free users, there are only two search filters: age and distance.

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Her was formerly called Dattch. If you were to look out for Her review, you would be zapped with the kind of praises that are heaped on the website. All the ten out of ten, Her reviews are incredibly positive. This popular and brilliant networking application caters to the lesbian, queer, bisexual, ciswomen, and non-binary people. As is obvious from this exhaustible list, the Her website purposely leaves out cisgender men from creating a profile.

Members can join it via their Facebook handle or using their emails. The application is prevalent in all the 60 countries that it is available in. For a 7-year old service, this kind of success is unprecedented and mind-blowing.

Explore more about this fantastic dating app that the LGBTQ community has received so well. Are you a queer person looking to meet someone exciting and fun? Come, let’s unearth more about Her.

Her Review


Her has a central theme and purpose to its existence. LGBTQ empowerment is one of the main agendas of the app. Every review will tell you how its members adore the platform and not without a valid reason. The website is also centered around an all-inclusive lesbian dating, and it accepts every queer person.

A Her profile has a photograph of the owner. Members can upload up to 8 pictures. But that is not all; they can even add text if they want to.

If you were to look at people’s pages, you would see their picture and first names. You can also access their friend list. Just like Facebook, Her also allows users to build a network by viewing other people’s connections.

The application allows checking how much distance lies between your partner and you. The best part about this feature is that it does not reveal the exact location, but it will tell you how far away you live.

The profile page contains details about the member’s name, age, height, gender, assigned gender, relationship status, and friends. The friend list is public and can be viewed by anyone.


Gender options that you can find on Her are:

  • Female
  • Non-binary
  • Agender
  • FTM
  • Gender fluid
  • Intersex
  • Two-spirit

The virtual networking happens mostly through its app. Even though it can be accessed through the web, the maximum involvement is recorded on mobile devices. Browsing Her from iOS or Android devices also ensures that people are online even if they are out and about.

Her needs to determine its members’ location to suggest appropriate matches. People likely prefer partners that stay close by then traveling hundreds of miles each time. Private texting is allowed only if two users are friends on Her.

The application also has a community forum where members can update on the upcoming events that are peculiar to the community. As of now, there are no public char forums on the website. Video calling between friends is not supported; let’s hope the developers will consider adding this function. Bugs are regularly fixed with consistent updates.

Real-Life Review

Bella, 27: “I have been hunting for a platform all my life where I felt at home. Almost eight years later, I hit upon Her accidentally while browsing the internet. Discovering this fantastic geosocial networking app, especially designed by and for lesbians and queer people, was one of the best things that were waiting to happen to me.

As soon as I saw Her and read the description, something clicked in me, and I immediately registered myself. I picked a nice picture of myself to go on my profile. Within a couple of minutes, I started getting likes! I swear on God; I have never met so much success on any other app. I am happy that I got to know about this.

Many happy stories on the internet claim to have met their partner on Her. I cannot wait to meet my soulmate here; I recommend this to anyone who will care to hear me out. Lesbians and queer people, a big shout out to you – don’t miss out on Her!”

Real-Life Review


The application is effortless to navigate, with a nice interface and properly placed features. Its sleek design is one reason why Her members are always hooked to it.

The app boasts plenty of tools and may require you to have a good look around them before deciding which communities you want to join. Her has a dedicated feed where people can post text and pictures. It is public unless you set privacy settings.

The navigation is extra smooth, and the application is known to run smoothly. The main screen has five different tabs:

  • The Meet area to swipe each other’s profiles
  • Chats
  • Community
  • Feed and Notifications
  • Your Profile



Signing up is easier than saying A B C. It won’t take you longer than one minute. While there is no verification process per se, signing up on Her can be done only via your Facebook or Instagram handle. What happens when you sign up from either of the platforms is that your name on that microblogging site automatically becomes your username on Her.

The application imports your profile info and other pictures that you uploaded for the time being. The photos can be edited whenever you wish. Her relies on its new members’ Facebook and Instagram because it uses them to verify their identities. Once the account is connected, you can create a page indicating your username, profile picture, and date of birth (if this info isn’t specified in your social media accounts).

Apart from text, Her allows its members to upload a maximum of 8 photographs. Once your registration is completed, you can view the friend list of all other members.


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The moment you decide to sign up with either your Facebook or your Instagram handle and confirm registration, all the media available on that platform will be carried over to Her. The pictures can be edited or replaced whenever you want.

The website is super quick in putting you out:

If you have tried other dating sites, you may be surprised to know how quickly you will start getting likes and comments on your profile and feed. Her is super fast in helping you get where you always wanted to be.

It is so easy to swipe right and left:

All you need to do is check them out if you like someone. If you think you may be compatible, swipe right. However, get accustomed to Her first before giving in to the swiping frenzy.

Here is how you can check out the feed:

The feed tab can be found at the bottom of the screen. The precondition to viewing anything on people’s feed: you will need to choose groups that you want to join. Once you decide, you will start seeing posts in that category.

Her allows its registered members to enter up to three communities. For example, some of them are:

  • Sports
  • NSFW
  • Queer Women
  • Recipes
  • News
  • Entertainment

Contacting the members is easy:

To message on HER

  • You need to be a registered user
  • You can message a friend or a match only
  • The application has no manual search option at your disposal; therefore, you have to keep browsing your friends
  • To initiate matchmaking, you can swipe right/left
  • If you need to see who liked your page, upgrade your account

Receiving and sending friendship requests is free:

If you are a new member and haven’t yet decided if you would like to opt for a premium subscription, here is what you need to know:

  • With a free membership, all you can do is view photos and the names on that profile. Any other information is locked;
  • Messaging is unlimited and completely free. However, you cannot send personal texts to anyone outside your friend circle and mutual matches. For that, you will have to upgrade your account.

Start Conversation

Special Features

When it comes to transsexual dating sites, there is a lot left to be desired. For instance, people are scared that there may be individuals pretending to be real users who could expose them to their families or society. But with Her, it has been a catwalk for thousands and thousands of women and queer people. Here are its special perks:

  • Meet Her
    It could be called the core of this dating application. This is where a new or existing member is shown profiles of those who meet the age and ideal distance requirements. It can also be called the main tool of Her. Once you are presented to the member, it is up to you to determine if you swipe right or left on them. Personal messages cannot be exchanged unless you either like each other or if you are friends. Once you are both interested in further communication, you can message each other.
  • Feed on Her:
    The website aims to be one of the best for women and queer people in the niche. If you are tired of using other services until you are matched, you can directly interact with the whole community.
    When a person posts something on her feed, she can converse with most members in real-time without matching or being friends. People who are not on the friend list can also like and post comments. The feed can include both text and image files. The best way to make many friends on Her and become popular is to be active.
  • Events
    It is one of the best ways to network while you can connect with a lot of like-minded people. The Events page is something similar to a post about an event that is happening or scheduled at a given date.
    The events related to lesbian meets, music fests, cookouts, concerts, and standup are posted, and people can know how many users are interested in going or are sure to turn up. Participants can also share their experience from previous Her meetings and warn them if it is hype and not worth their time and energy.
    The Event section is excessively popular because they also post the link where tickets can be procured or hold contests to win such tickets.

Special Features

Mobile Applications

The mobile application is available on both Android and iOS and works efficiently well. All the features and the buttons presented in the web version are also implemented in the mobile counterpart.

As expected, there are more mobile downloads. One of the biggest advantages of having the app is that people can enjoy their dating journey on-the-go.

The design is sleek and modern, and the layout is very comfortable and soothing to the eyes. However, there are some complaints of a few glitches here and there that are diligently fixed in the next update.

Costs and Prices

The subscription charges for a premium membership on Her are more than reasonable. For a month, the Her website only charges a minimal of $14.99. For six months, it’s $10 per month, with the total being $59.99 only.

For one year, you will pay $89.99, making it only $7.50 per month, which is paltry.

Free Services

Free members can:

  • Create profiles
  • View other people’s pages but only limited to their name and profile picture
  • Exchange messages with matches or friends
  • Receive push notifications
  • Use all the features of Her Meet
  • Read their feed and even post text and images

Costs and Prices

Free-Based Services

Premium membership is worth every dollar that you will spend on it.

  • Indicates if a member is online or not
  • The list of all the visitors who have liked your page
  • Users can change their location as many times as they want
  • Swipe on the profile unlimited times
  • Read the incoming messages even if they are not from matches or friends
  • They can even rewind and see the profile history

Payment Options

There are two ways to pay for your Her premium subscription:

  • With your credit card
  • Through your mobile phone

Things to remember

  • You can cancel your premium membership at any time of the billing period (usually one month). When you cancel it, you will be allowed to make use of all the benefits until your billing period expires
  • Her does not refund your subscription amount in any scenario
  • The application does not automatically renew your plan. It must be done manually
  • When a member uninstalls Her, it does not automatically delete their profile.

Security and Privacy

There are no fake profiles:

Her only allows signing in from member’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to make sure that there are no fakes.

It is easy to contact the site administrator in case something is bothering you:

Her has a wide social media presence. They are incredibly accessible, and this thing works to their advantage. You can get in touch with them on their official website www.weareher.com, Facebook, Twitter, IG, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

You can block people if they annoy you:

First off, there are no fake profiles. But in case you do come across them, you can block them and be on the safe side. It is heartening to know that blocking will be forever. There is no way you can undo the action.

Zero spamming:

There is no way that a free member can send or receive messages from people on Her unless they are friends or have mutually liked each other.

The site also bans its members:

If a member is blocked or reported, Her can ban them for a few hours or permanently, depending on the case.

If a member is banned, then she will encounter trouble logging in or may experience other glitches. The best way to handle it is to connect the support team.

What happens on the site also stays within the site:

Her or its admins do not and cannot post anything on your Facebook or Instagram feed. It has no access to any personal information other than what is voluntarily provided. Her does not sell any personal data to third parties at all.

Security and Privacy


A lot of people from the LGBTQ community feel threatened on a mixed online dating forum. The fear is not imaginary. A straight online dating forum can be the last best place for a queer person.

No one wants to be a fish out of water. The Her website has managed to make it safe for lesbians and other queer people to have a secure place to meet, date, and even brainstorm on the problems they face in the world that likes to straightjacket everyone who thinks differently.

It is not just a dating app but also a social networking service for lesbians and queers. The management is entirely from the community, making it so relevant in today’s times.

In every Her review, you will find thousands and thousands of stories telling you how great this platform is for the users that it is meant to be. There are praises and brickbats that the team has gracefully taken into consideration.

Log in to Her if you proudly belong to the community. You are more than welcome here!

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