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GirlCrew Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women

GirlCrew Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 235 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Around 100000 members worldwide
  • Perfect site for lesbians and queer
  • Tricky interface
  • Payment structure could be more well-defined

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If you’re here to understand what Girlcrew is all about, you’ve just about entered the right place! The below Girlcrew review is a fantastic dating site that enables you to connect with random strangers and friends for either hook-ups or pure friendship. Making new friends is no more a hurdle like it used to be earlier. People can chat up with strangers here and find common topics to talk about. One of the best parts about the site is that it enables you to let go of your natural self, be yourself, and not be judged by it. Girlcrew is welcoming and hospitable.

Let’s say if you’ve moved to a new location and wondering how to make new friends, Girlcrew is one of the great options to venture into. If you want to know if Girlcrew would be a perfect fit for you and your community, well, that’s what you’ll come to understand from this review. What will you get if you’re a part of the Girlcrew community? Well, you can follow the group in your city, introduce yourself, and be involved by suggesting some fun activities to do with similar-minded women. If you can’t find events that are of interest to you, simple, make one yourself!


Yes, you can create your events and invite fellow members of the group to them. Have a common topic for the event to create a community-like feeling and find yourself among similar-minded people. Girlcrew has signed up around 1,00,000 members worldwide, where members have created fun events like dancing, marathons, hikes, and even travel together internationally. People have even helped find jobs and offered a crying shoulder to people together. This is what you get with Girlcrew. A deep sense of togetherness and a world of fun together.


Alright, it’s time now to work around your member profile. To kick off proceedings, go to the sign-in page of the Girlcrew website and log in to your account. Since the site is all about knowing each other and creating new acquaintances, friends, and potential hook-ups, you’ll have to give away some personal information regarding yourself. This is only done to ensure that other members have a chance of knowing you better and help the site moderators rank your profile accordingly.

Just a suggestion, be as honest and creative as possible when you’re replying to the questions posed by the site. This is your best step taken forward to create opportunities for friendship and hookups.

Even if you have to spend that extra 2 minutes to glorify your profile, do it. The best reason is when you look for Girlcrew members and find out incomplete or unthought-of profiles, what will you feel? Why couldn’t they fill up more information? Well, the same would apply to others who would visit your profile as anyone would love to get as much information about someone before venturing into communicating with them.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

WomenLoveTech – “Technology offers a lot of perks, and when it comes to dating, it’s simply amazing. There are tons of applications out there, with Tinder being the most popular one. However, what should you do if you want to make new friends? Unlike other social networking platforms, GirlCrew connects women in different areas of the world for hikes, holidays, a fun hangout, brunches, or night outs in the metro. It really helped me find everything I wanted. Maybe I’m looking for sensual partners, or maybe I just want to chat with random strangers. It doesn’t matter what I’m looking for, but I know that I will find it on the platform. My experience so far has been absolutely great. I love that it doesn’t restrict everything to friendship or dating. Women can share and discuss knowledge or advice on pretty much everything from makeup tips to restaurant recommendations. GirlCrew works merely amazing when it comes to having fun. It boasts excellent features for fun-related experiences, and this is one of the most important things here.”


The design is one of the stand-out parts of the site. If you look at the site and app’s design, you’ll never feel like you’re inside a typical dating site. The color palette used is attractive, modern, and trendy. The design will never make you feel like you’re on a cheap site, and instead, it’ll make you feel like you’re right inside a sophisticated app.

Especially if you’re in the same-sex community, you’ll immediately feel a sense of welcome and comfort level that you may not find elsewhere. Girlcrew site moderators have done an excellent job with the layout as well. It’s well-structured that even people of all age groups can have a visit and not get lost as it’s thoroughly compartmentalized. Such a design allows easy navigation for all members throughout the site and makes you want to come again and again.

The purple and white color combination gives the app a modern and vibrant look. On top of it, the cool UI and UX interface also allows all the visitors to find what they’re looking for easily and have a memorable experience of the design. Every feature of the site is categorized into every place where it fits perfectly. You’ll not feel as if the features are clustered, and instead, you’ll feel they’re well-spaced and given their due importance. Overall, it’s one of the best designs for any app developed for the same-sex community.



Let’s get down to business. So, how do you register for Girlcrew? It’s relatively quick, simple, and straightforward. To register yourself, you need to create an account first, which does not take more than a couple of minutes. Find the home page of the Girlcrew website and start with the sign-in process. The site asks for your identity and who you are looking to meet on the site.

The next steps would involve sharing your email address and choosing a password for your id. Now, this is a tricky part. You should always ensure that the password you choose differs from those you usually use for security purposes. Keep it short and simple and, at the same time, creative. Now, to choose your ID, try and keep it descriptive and a bit humorous. The reason is that humor immediately attracts other members’ eyeballs, and you stand great chances to talk to somebody at the earliest.

The final steps would be your date of birth and the geographic location from where you come from. Once this is done, you’re all set now! You can find access to the site with your new id from any time, anywhere, and begin your journey of a fun-filled one!

Start Conversation

It is where the actual fun begins. When you start conversations on the site, you should be wary of a couple of things. Firstly, the site doesn’t tolerate any comments of offensive nature. It could be racist, sexist, humiliating, or any abusive words of any nature. Such comments are taken offense to my fellow members, and the site moderators ensure appropriate punishments are handed out when such incidents occur.

To start off talking to fellow members on Girlcrew, enter the site with your registered ID and find your mates! You can make use of Girlcrew messages and directly talk to members of interest. You’ll see that your inbox will show you messages based on filters you like. It could be as per time received or membership type, i.e., VIP, premium, or free members. If you’re a premium member, you get to go up a level and avail the voice and video chat facilities, which will give you better opportunities to network with friends or even dating anyone.

This will only ensure that you know other members in detail, and hence, we’ll suggest it’s an option worth pondering over in this dating site. There are various search functions in the member search bar that allows many filters. Depending on the criteria, such as BFF or lovers, you can choose to meet the type of people you want to meet and bond over.

Special Features

Advanced websites provide extremely sophisticated options to connect. Voice and video chat are only a couple of them. Such features allow you to get to understand people on a deeper level. All you need to do is use the friendship criteria when you’re interested in chatting and meeting people only. If you see a user who looks like a new BFF, just say “hello.”

Try to make as many new friends as possible. Because you may not necessarily like everyone, so it’s essential to give yourself as many options as possible.

Special Features

Girlcrew offers many special features to you to meet people and communicate effectively to do so. One of the best facilities on the site is the option to meet. When you enable this option, you can either create events or join one and meet different personalities that you may find interesting.

It could be categorized by factors such as location, age, or distance you may choose in your settings. If you happen to fancy a fellow member or vice-versa, you can go forward to message them to hope in the coming future and bond over common topics.

Another interesting option is the feed option on Girl crew. This key feature on your site and app helps you to remain connected with your members all the time, irrespective of whether you’re looking for matches or just looking to make friends.

You can choose to like or comment on the posts that your fellow members make on their timelines. Another interesting way to remain connected is to upload a profile picture in your album or even contribute by adding text posts. Staying active through such activities allows you to attain more exposure to other sites and app members.

One of the perfect methods to meet new people or hope for dating is to go to events. Go step by step. First, find topics of your preference and try to join these events. It could be of any nature from hiking to drinking to dancing, find such events, and if they don’t exist, you can even choose to make one. Many such Girlcrew events could be happening in your area’s vicinity and could be great exposure to make new friends and remain in the social circle.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Girlcrew has an app for iPhone users that works seamlessly on the device. When you look at the app for the 1st time, you’ll see that its overall appeal is smooth and easy-going on the eye. One of the app’s best aspects is that it’s welcoming, and especially since this is a same-sex category, girls will immediately strike a chord with the app’s functionalities and features.

The interesting purple and white color combinations give a classy look to the app. It’s bold, creative, and screams of style. Even if you’re someone who’s never used any applications before, you’ll find yourself at ease as it allows you comfortable navigation throughout the app.

There isn’t much to differentiate between the app and the site in terms of functionalities and features. But the app works much faster and allows more communication methods for members.

It’s feasible and doesn’t take much storage space as well. So, you can rest assured in terms of space memory required. Even in the scenario where you don’t want to install an app and keep your private life more private, you can always choose to use the site’s mobile version. It works exactly like an app, and additionally, you’ll not have to install it on your device. Just log on to the site whenever you feel like and use it.

Overall, the mobile application works smoothly on Apple devices and doesn’t cause any lag that you may observe in most dating apps. If you’re of the same sex category, you’ll immediately be comfortable with the site’s features and layout. You can rest assured that there’s no bias against anyone here, and it’s welcome for all.

Costs and Prices

The site charges around 10 Dollars per month to use the premium membership services given or taken, the standard rates you’d come across on dating sites. Girlcrew membership gives you access to either voice call or video chat as well. This option will go a long way in helping you communicate with other members and create relationships. It’s charged reasonably, and in the same-sex category of dating scenes, it’s priced moderately compared to other sites. You can opt for a trial period of one month and see how it goes. Accordingly, then you can go on and decide how to proceed with it.

Free Services

Free Services

When you avail of the Girlcrew dating site’s free services, you can start by creating profiles without a cost involved. Additionally, you can also get access to view all the member profiles. Along with that, you can even send and receive messages to your inbox. Find yourself lost among a ton of notifications.

Use the facilities of potentially meeting new partners and gain unfiltered access to all your feeds at all times. If you’re unsure of what kind of membership to opt for, you should first try and use the free services. If you’re comfortable with the functionality and want to spend some time on this site, you can opt for the premium membership, giving you a memorable time.

Free-based Services

Once you get a premium membership, you’re potentially unlocking all the features and services that Girlcrew has to offer. Apart from the fact that you can create profiles and send and receive messages, you can also access members who’re currently online. You get an opportunity to view the member profiles who liked you as well. You can reply to them through the use of private messages.

If you’re not satisfied with your current location, you can always choose to change your location and find partners in the vicinity of your choice. Another additional service that you get by a premium membership is also a shot at VIP membership. This will give you the best possible chance of finding true friendship or partners on this site. Even though it comes at an additional cost, it may prove invaluable to you later on.

Security and Privacy

Girlcrew takes its security very seriously and is protective of all the laws and regulations that go into creating and maintaining an international dating site. With 256-bit SSL encryption, all the transactions and private data entered in the site are entirely protected and well-covered. There’s a support team that provides support to all the members 24/7 and ensures no slack in security and privacy through day and night. There’s constant monitoring of all the members’ activities and checking any security and privacy issues. The support team is also in charge of any theft of any kind. So, if you feel threatened by either the site’s features or a fellow member, you can always choose to contact the support team for help.


As a user, you must not engage in any frivolous talk of obscene nature and ensure that decorum is maintained on all the public forums and chats. If you come across any member who might be misbehaving, you can report them to the support team, which takes necessary action wherever possible. Since the site is also sensitive given the same-sex dating scene, members are not supposed to be putting out any sexist, racial, ethnic comments that may be offensive to others. Hence, always be wary of your comments or actions that should not cause harm to others.


In conclusion, we can safely say that Girlcrew has one of the finest same-sex experiences that a person can get. The site and the app are constructed wonderfully well. It bodes well with the theme of the target audience that is lesbians, gays, and queer. The experience that a customer gets from this site will be a memorable one.

If you look closely at the site, you’ll feel that it’s not of the cheap dating sites you usually come across, and instead, you’re looking at a fairly polished site with an excellent interface to start with. Once you get familiar with the site’s functionality, you may not want to change it later, as the experience you get from the site will leave you with a memorable experience. Girlcrew offers a dating experience and a fantastic networking opportunity with various topics of your choice and preferences.

The best part about this dating site is that girls of the same sex category will immediately feel at home. The site is non-judgemental and welcoming. That’s one of the biggest strengths of Girlcrew as they aim to push the boundaries towards what society otherwise thinks of same-sex. The aim is to break the notion that people of the same sex category cannot be together or even be friends. The site works well in that favor and allows people of all genders, ethnicity, sex to be friends, and there would be no one to judge anyone for that.

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