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Scissr Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women

Scissr Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 2 950 600
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The application is free.
  • There is a strong camaraderie between its members, and that generates a strong community feeling
  • The best place if you are a lesbian or a queer person looking for long term partners and committed relationships
  • Marked less activity than most other geo-social dating sites for transsexuals
  • Members must have a Facebook handle to register
  • There is no desktop version of the app

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Scissr is a brilliant app for lesbians and queer women to date, that started ruling the internet since its inception in 2015. It is one of the best transsexual dating sites according to a lot of Scissr reviews. The Scissr website has gained an immense amount of attraction from day one!

Scissr is often referred to as the equivalent of a gay dating site called Grindr. Except that most of the patrons will choose to call it classier than Grindr. Scissr is a dating application that is exclusively for the lesbians and operated and managed entirely by lesbians. The application is available completely free on iOS and Android devices. There is no desktop version, but some of the web browsers do support its web version.

Scissr is the brainchild of a US-based climbing teacher called Allison Ullrich, who searched and found that there were no dating sites exclusively for women who wanted to hook up with women and women alone. She read several reviews and decided that it was a time that she came out with one to address the vacuum.

This was perhaps not her first hit at seeking love. Legend has it that she tried every traditional dating app unsuccessfully herself. Most heterosexual dating apps would still throw her male matches despite her, making it clear that she was seeking a female partner. Ullrich and her friend Adnan Beck and Ora Interactive launched the app to great fanfare in 2015.

Scissr allows the user to be able to upload pictures as well as their bio. Users must be at least 18 or over to be able to register on the website. A maximum of three photographs and a biography that can go up to 300 words can be on it.

Scissr, like all other geosocial networking micro blogging sites, uses the member’s GPS

information to find and propose possible romance options. The proximately located members have better chances of matching because, honestly, who can travel hundreds of miles up and down regularly!

However, there is something extraordinary about Scissr. The application does not use location to restrict potential partners from matching. So, it believes, lovers can even go to the end of the world if they genuinely love each other.



Scissr is originally designed exclusively for LGBTQ+ women, and it is little wonder that the entire management is LGBTQ+ women only. It also means that they know the nitty-gritty of what they are dealing with. They are inclusive, and there is no discrimination based on lesbian and queer identities.

Whether you are a:

  • Dyke
  • gay
  • queer
  • lesbian
  • bisexual or a
  • bi-curious

Trust us; you’d love to be on the application. There is no fear or favor of anything, none over the other. The style and the content are inclusive of all queer identities.

Members are not discriminated based on their age, race, and location that they come from. Scissr reviews across the internet portals will tell you how the website’s demographics are nicely spread between 18 years and 60 years. There are people from all races on the face of the earth. Geographical location does play an essential role in the dating app scenario, and per our research and review, more than 70 percent of the members on Scissr come from cities. This is not to say that there are no members from the rural areas. The members in the city are more active on the platform.

The target group is singles looking to meet and connect with their prospective partners. It is a safe platform to discover like-minded folks and get to meet a compatible partner. Before you impulsively download the web application and register on it, take some time to read this Scissr review and register if you think it will work for you. Research is an indispensable tool when looking for a dating site and more so when you are looking at committed long term relationships.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

Sarrah, 30; Canada

I am fatigued trying out the different portals trying to meet my partner. I have often joked with friends that my partner is probably on his way, but he seems to have lost my address. I am not proposing that I haven’t met some of the best lesbian partners in my whole active sexual life of 18 years. But the spark had been missing.

Someone was casually mentioning Scissr dating app, which they said was exclusively for women, and they were great at keeping the pesky men and trolls away. I decided to try it simply for the heck of it! Boy, Am I glad I did!! I met Linda in the first thirty minutes of my registering on the portal, and we became good friends immediately. With time, we began realizing that we had too many things in common to dismiss it off simply. We had to come together! It is fantastic to announce that Linda and I are exchanging rings in a fortnight, and we are looking forward to an extraordinary life together. Thank you, Scissr wouldn’t have been possible without you playing a part!

Design Of Scissr

Design Of Scissr

Scissr is a mobile device application for both iPhone users as well as Android. Even though the company has not come out with a desktop version, it is instrumental in providing all the community’s important information. In case of the need to check on any community-based event or information, members must look to log on to www.scissr.com.

The application is free to download from a respected app store. It is ready to install and use as soon as you download it into your device and register on it. The features available on the application are neatly arranged, and buttons are logically arranged. The look absolutely uncluttered.

Scissr is a neat looking application. The navigation on the main menu is like a breeze. It is possible to navigate and check your profile, messages, and friend requests all from the main menu itself. You can even read the blogged content on the site and check out other people’s profiles too.



A Facebook handle is a sine quo non for registering on Scissr. The linking to Facebook account is usually made mandatory because almost everyone nowadays is on the micro blogging site. Additionally, the newer website does not have to do a new verification process because it ensures that men do not access the website. The website can sync all the personal information from the member’s Facebook account. There is no need to be anxious that the website will post anything to your Facebook account.

There are near zero trolls on the website:

If you are always on guard, you will encounter men or trolls on a lesbian-only website; let those doubts rest. Scissr delivers well on its promise of having almost zero trolls and fake profiles. It is the closest you can be to a safe platform on the internet.

Beta testers on the website and renowned reviewers have confirmed that the community on Scissr is entirely genuine. It is a fantastic thing to come across a world where there is no constant fear or abuse. A safe online community is instrumental in helping its members to openly engage with other members. This is one of the reasons more and more people are getting on here.

Information on the profiles of the members:

The member profiles on the Scissr website are not just simple but extremely useful too. The profiles contain all basic information about the user.

There is information about

  • hair color
  • height of the user
  • a race that they belong to
  • sexual identity of the person and
  • relationship if they are into any

Apart from all this information, a place can hold a 300-word personal bio about themselves. The bio is a cool place, to begin with. It could be a conversation maker too. For instance, a study recently found out that a creatively written bio is an excellent draw on the platform. Humorously written bios were a favorite amongst members, and it ensured a lot of footfalls on their profile page. A bio is also a place where you can optimize stress about your partner you are looking for on the platform.

Users can edit their uploaded profile pictures:

Scissr allows members to edit their profile pictures. You can crop photos, use different orientation, lighting, and even apply cute and naughty filters from the app itself! It is a great feature, especially since most dating apps do not allow for edited pictures for member’s profiles. But Scissr is different, and it is cool!

Here is what you need to do to get started:

Once you have downloaded the app to your device,

  • visit the landing page on www.scissr.com
  • The site will ask your personal information, which you must oblige it with.

Scissr members usually are there on the portal with a long term commitment or marriage in mind. Even though the registration and the sign up may sound long and winding, it is a great idea to stick it out with it.

The more information that the website has about you and your partner preferences, the more successful matching it can help you make. The site’s algorithms pick up words and messages from the member profiles and bio to gauge compatibility between you and other members.

Be patient and fill out the answers, say Scissr fans:

There are no two things that completing a long sign up process can be inconvenient, and patiently answering a detailed questionnaire can get to you. However, existing members urge you to complete them even if it takes a bit. You could complete them in two sitting if you think it is taking you long. Imagine if you like a profile but came across only a half-filled profile, would you want to continue browsing such a profile. You get the point!

Start Conversation

Start Conversation

Starting a conversation on Scissr is excessively simple.

You can begin by browsing the profile pictures. All its members’ profiles are public and free to view for anyone who has registered and signed up with a username and a password.

If you come across a profile that is particularly exciting or interesting, you have three options in front of you:

  • you could click on the crush button;
  • you could add the profile to your wish list and/0r;
  • you could like the profile.

In each of the above three cases, you could simultaneously send a private message to the profile owner and keep your fingers crossed to reply to you as soon as they notice it.

The application has loads of features. Members can private message and add other members to their wish list or even crush on them! There are several classifications for the members that you come across on the app. For instance, you can classify them into

  • For hookup
  • Love and relationship goals
  • Networking alone
  • Friends

There are three options for sexual orientation, and they are

  • lesbians
  • bisexual and
  • curious

Scissr Special Features

Scissr Special Features

Search feature: Scissr allows its members to search for other members on its platform. The search filter is on attributes based meaning you can search on parameters that are on the profile itself. This is why dating gurus will tell you to complete your profile and not leave any space empty.

Location-based search:

It is even possible to search for members based on the distance with the basic set as yours. The locational search of members helps to zero in on the right partner because it is not logical to go beyond the neighborhood with pressing work and time commitments.

The search results are stunningly presented:

The search results on this fantastic app look in an amazingly presentable in a scrollable format. The results will have a thumbnail of the woman’s profile, profile name, and the approximate distance from your location.

The moment a profile catches your attention, you can directly click on it and get transported to her profile page.

You may choose to click on the crush button or simply like her profile.

Scissr Wish list:

There is also an option to keep your favorite profiles in a separate tab called your ‘wish list.’ When you add someone to your wish list, you will know every time they update their status, and if the time is rife, you can even contact them when you feel it is appropriate. There is also an excellent chance to start a private chat with them online at that time.

Sending messages:

The Scissr private messaging does not simply allow text but also allows image and audio files exchanged. It does its job very efficiently.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Scissr’s mobile application is a real winner. The site works like butter, and the buttons are smooth. There have been tens of thousands of downloads from both Apple and Android play stores, and people seem to be lapping up all the updates as soon as they come out. Minor bugs are continuously fixed by the portal too.

Even though the mobile app is a great thing to have on the device because you can stay connected even when you are out and about, Scissr’s web application is the right choice, especially when you do not want to cram up the existing RAM space on your mobile device.

Mobile app downloaded or web applications directly from the browser, they both have equally fabulous features to keep you covered at all times.

Costs and Prices

Scissr is free to download and to register. Many dating apps are free to download but right after the member downloads the application; he may realize that the app does not work without upgrading to a premium account. This is a familiar story and a sad one, nevertheless. Scissr, on the other hand, is essentially special.

The Scissr app works perfectly fine without having to upgrade to a premium account. No, we are not kidding. Members can register and sign up and even use the application without spending as little as a penny on it.

The private text messaging, the crush button, like button all works perfectly fine without you having to top up the account.

Free Services

The Scissr application is free. Everything right from scrolling the profiles, sending crush and likes, even text, audio messaging, and sending images via personal chats is free.

Here is what Scissr does for free:

  • completely free browsing;
  • safe platform with profile verification to keep trolls away;
  • designed by women for women only;
  • great features;
  • excellent menu design;
  • share function for not just text but also image and audio;
  • push notification whenever someone likes your profile.

Free-based Services

There is only one thing that serious people on a dating site do not like. And that is being annoyed time and again with an annoying advertisement that refuses to go away. Have you ever tried closing those tiny pop up folders that will open umpteen numbers of times?

If you are hoping to hit or already met someone with whom you see great prospects. Imagine being continuously distracted by an advertisement that will neither stop nor close for good! That is precisely what ad-free Scissr will do for you. It will stop airing the ads completely and give you complete peace of mind.

Payment Options

Scissr accepts payment via credit and debit card, and the patron can even transfer money directly from their bank accounts.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Scissr is completely safe. There is very little chance of its members ever coming across men or fake profiles. The account verification is good, and trolls kept at bay. Members may report any suspicious activities on the website and share their concerns with the site moderators to avoid major mishaps.

The website continuously urges its patrons to not give away delicate information to anyone on the website unless they are sure that the person will not misuse such information. Any sort of predatory behavior is reportable to the site. The suspected member, in the meantime cannot access the website. The site keeps all the personal information of its members safe and does not sell them to third parties.



Ullrich says that she wants the lesbian community to promote LGBTQ through independent and shared cultural interests. The website and its dynamics are heartwarming development, mostly because its targeted demographics are somewhat neglected. In a world full of straight men and women dating applications, Scissr is a welcome change. Scissr has given it’s very close competitors Her, Click, and many more a real run for their money.

Scissr is one of those transsexual dating sites that will never fail to impress its members with its slick and modern design. The Scissr website is user friendly all the way. It is a fun and safe platform for the Lesbians and the Queer community. One of the main reasons for the Scissr website to have done so well is that it markets itself extremely well on the internet calling it an online community that transcends into real life. Scissr is a dating site for serious and long term relationships. If you are looking for casual hookups or one-night stands, Scissr is probably not the right place for you. It is a dating site for serious long term relationships that will perhaps culminate in marriage.

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