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Just She Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women

Just She Review: Legit Sites with the Highest Ratings for Queer Women
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 2 450 600
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Plethora of choices among lesbian
  • Huge database of over 15 million women
  • Slightly tricky database
  • Free membership offering fewer features

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If you’re looking for a perfect dating app for lesbians and queers, well look no further as Just She is here to satisfy all your needs. Considered one of the world’s most interactive dating apps for straight sex who’ll love to go out on dates and find similar-minded people among lesbians, She is the destination you’ve wanted to land in all your life in dating sites. In the Just She review, you’ll come across many features that might spark some life into your lives.

The app is considered to be completely safe and will immediately make you feel at home. It’s perfectly suited for people who’re looking for either the love of their lives, just dating partners, or just pure friendship as well. Guess what? You can even find travel companions in this app.

According to Just She reviews, with this dating app in your pocket, you get to be in contact with girls who’ve matched with you, stay in the vicinity of your choice, and are perfect for you. When you log in to it for the 1st time, you’ll come across lesbians that you’ve always wanted to meet but never had a chance to. The app has also gone new renovations and is now considered a strictly lesbian community app that boasts over 15 million beautiful women. Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on to this beautiful ride on the Just She website and find yourself spoilt for choices among gorgeous ladies!



The member profiles you come across on Just She is tailor-made for people who’re into lesbians and queers. The quality of the profiles is high, and you’ll get to know some personal information about the member you might be particularly interested in. The site developers have done a wonderful job in allowing as much information to be presented as possible and keep it clean and tidy as well.

The information is not clustered and is organized well on the profile page. There is ample space given to profile pictures, as pictures seem to be the one direct way to help people approach fellow community members. You can even upload private albums in your profile and give a nice, detailed review of your personality. You can choose to keep your information either as confidential as you like or as informative you may wish to. The site believes in giving their members freedom to make choices about their profile so that you don’t feel unjustified and forced into doing things you may not be comfortable doing.

You’ll also notice that while registering, the member information you enter is entirely secure, and you may choose to skip as many options as you like. In general, it’s always advisable to punch in as much information as you can. Firstly, it’ll help you rank higher in the member search bar among other members. Secondly, it gives other members a chance to understand your personality in much more depth with more information. Nevertheless, the choice is always yours.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

Ellie, Melbourne, Hookups.com

“She is a suitable app that introduces the right women to me. I am only interested in casual relationships, and I find it very useful. I’m a fan of the Just She dating app because it seems that most women are only interested in hookups rather than serious commitments. It’s just not for me. Now I feel too old to play the field, and I’d like to get married and have kids.

I think I’m ready to meet someone stable and start a family together. Although I can’t reproduce with another woman’s help, I’m happy to buy a sperm somewhere else. I expect my female partner to give birth to our child because I hate morning sickness & pregnancy, and I fear labor pain and a loose organ caused by childbirth. Also, I’m not a fan of stretch marks on my belly, and I prefer someone who doesn’t mind doing that. Sadly, I have always found partners to hook up with on the Just She dating app. I think the Just She dating app is the best for lesbian and bisexual women to find travel companions in another city or country. Whenever I’ve travelled earlier, I used to think I’m travelling alone, but now with Just She, I feel like I’m always travelling with a companion. To whichever country I’ve been to, the app has always allowed me to find new partners. It also helps me with recommendations on partner choices in the type of country I’ve been to. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to travel before. I’ve been using this app for years when I travel the world, and I enjoy it. Just She dating app is one of the most interactive pink dating apps for bisexual and lesbian women. It has over 15 million single women from all over the world. I’m not sure whether SHE is the best lesbian dating option or not, but I think it should be all right.”



The design of Just She is made just about right. It has the right amounts of modern touch to it and a classy look and feels about it. The dark purple and light blue combination works well in attracting the members’ eyeballs and attention span. The layout of the site and app are exceptionally well detailed. The design is one of the best parts of the site as it always manages to grab your attention.

If you want to navigate the app despite being an app, you’ll never feel out of place or lost as all the features’ compartmentalization works like a charm. The layout is in a grid format with also a quirky matching system that allows you to like and view the profiles that you’ve fancied.

The app also allows you to integrate pictures from your Instagram account. Once you enter your Insta credentials, you even get the options to take in photos from Instagram, and it gets directly uploaded to your Just She account. This is a great option to take if you’re an existing account on Instagram and have great pictures there already. Will save you the unnecessary hassle of uploading pictures all over again.

The site is smooth, sleek, and works like a charm once you’re in it. There would be no experience of a lag, and it would be smooth sailing right from the moment you enter it.

The app works slightly faster than the site version. That’s how most apps are made to give a slightly more enhanced experience than the site version. However, if you’re not comfortable downloading an app, you can always choose to use the mobile device like a mobile version.


Now, moving to the most essential part of the site. How do you sign in? Is it tough? Does it take time? Well, we’ll be answering all your questions and conclude that this site has one of the fastest and best sign-up processes we’ve come across. Once you enter the site, you can avail the option of entering the site through your social media account. This is a great way to ensure that only real members can access the site and keep the spammers and bots at bay. Another advantage of using social media accounts to enter your details is that you get to bypass the option of entering your details, and your registration process is completed in a fraction of a minute.

You can also choose to enter the site normally, and upon entering, you’ll be asked to provide very basic details such as your name, gender, sex, and location. This information allows the site moderators to place your profile accordingly among all the categories of the members. You can choose to plug in as much information as you wish to. This is completely your choice and will only help you have a pleasurable experience later on in the site.

With the details you enter, the site will then lastly ask you to provide an email address. Try and use an email address for the site as it helps you maintain a safe work-life balance and not disturb your private life. You’re also requested to keep a unique username and password. Try and keep your username as creative and catchy as possible. This will attract other members to you, so be watchful of that.

Start Conversation

Now, this is where the fun begins! But but but, in the event of starting conversations on this site, you should be wary of certain facts. Firstly, the site doesn’t take any offensive comments. From racist to sexism to abusive words, it’s a strict no-no, and if fellow members of the community take the offense, there will be harsh punishments handed out to the ones who committed the obscenity.

To be talking to members on Just She, start using your registered email address and your unique username. You should use the messaging feature provided by Just She to chat with members you find interesting directly. Within your inbox, you can find that you can even arrange as per filters you like, depending on VIP membership, free membership, or by time received. In case you’re a premium member, you can even avail the opportunity to start video and voice calls directly with fellow members on the site.

Using such features will only give you a fighting chance to know other members a bit more personal, and hence, it’s a suggestion to go ahead with it. Within the functions of the member search bar, you’ll find many options for filters. Depending on the type of lesbians and queers you’re interested in, you can then use the filters to try out and talk out to members.

Another added advantage of She is that you’ll also be able to talk to local lesbians within the proximity you wish to look for. For example, this app will also do your search for members from other countries, and the results will not be disappointing. In this app, there are plenty of functions to help you start a conversation with fellow members. So, the only thing you need to get going is some courage, bravery, and trust your heart to follow the instincts in pursuing another member.

Special Features

Special Features

This site has many features that make it special and memorable. Below are some of the features that’ll help you have a great time on the site and be your time and money’s worth.

Search option: The search options provided on Just She is quite advanced and will leave you with plenty of options at the end of the day. Suppose you’re a member and looking for lesbian singles whether in your region or the location of your choice, the search results will show you plenty of options for both. Another option is when you wish to travel. Let’s say you’re traveling to Canada, and you want to search within the Canadian database, the search results will only show you, exclusive lesbians, from Canada. See? Nice, smooth, and easy.

Favorite list: If you come across profiles that you’ve loved and would like to pursue sometime later, you can even add them to your list of favorites. You can also choose to view those members’ profiles you’ve liked pictures and add them to your favorite list. Through this feature, you’re ensuring that you’re not missing out on your chances of getting laid, finding love, or finding pure friends.

Match: This app’s primary function is to allow two similar-though process-oriented people to like each other. When you get matched with another user, you get to send them private messages and vice-versa automatically. This allows you to take your relationship to the next level.

Notifications: With the notifications feature, you’ll be updated with the site at all times. The dating app sends notifications to you whenever a fellow member sends you a message or a wink. You can choose to either reply at that time or chat later whenever feature. Since this is a free feature, it’ll help you always remain in contact with people you might be interested in or people who’re interested in you.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

She has an app for both ios and Android works beautifully on the devices. When you glance at the app for the 1st time, the app will immediately appeal to you since its smooth, easy-going, and has an aura of an impression around it. One of the best parts of the app is that it’s welcoming for lesbians and queer. The dark purple color in the background with the faint blue text gives the app a modern outlook. A beautiful color combination enables easy reading for anyone entering the app.

The color palette and design layout scream out elegance and creativity. Even if you’re someone who’s not previously entered any dating site, you’ll still be immediately attracted to the app and hooked on to it later!

If you compare the site version and the mobile version, you’ll notice that there isn’t much to differentiate between them. The app will, of course, be faster and sleeker. But the site version provides a similar experience except for the matching bit, which comes exclusively with the app.

The app is free of cost when you download, and the best part is that it doesn’t take up much of your storage space. If you wish to keep your private life separate and not install the app, you can also choose to use your mobile site version.

The best part about the website is that it’s very welcoming with its appeal for lesbians and same-sex. It also has a very easy functionality that allows members of all age class, gender, sex to come on the app and have a wonderful time.

Costs and Prices

You can opt for any of the below subscriptions if you’re keen on lesbian encounters and would like to try out Just She. It’ll cost you 39 Euros for a month whereas, for 3 months, it comes to 59.99 Euros per month. The cheaper options are the 6 monthly and the yearly ones with it going for 79,99 Euros and 99.99 Euros per month, respectively. You are free to choose the subscription of your choice at any time you want. You should also note that your subscription renews automatically 24 hours before the end of your current activation. You should also note that you may not be allowed to cancel the subscription while it’s currently active.

If you wish to activate a free trial with the premium membership features, you can opt for that, check out the functionalities yourself, and then opt for the premium one in case you want to.

Free Services

Free Services

With a free membership, you can start by creating a profile of your choice. You’re also allowed to interact with messaging with fellow members once you match up with them. You can choose to like and view profiles as many as you want. You can also add the members to your list of favorites.

Free-based Services

When you choose to go with a fee-based membership, you’ve practically opened up all the possibilities of the site’s features. When you start a fee-based membership, you first get unlimited access to all the messaging facilities. You also get the exclusive facility of video and voice chats. This feature will enable you to understand fellow members easily and allow more personal information to be shared.

Payment Options

The site supports all major credit cards. In the research we came across, we could find out that the site may even accept PayPal.

Security and Privacy

The best part about Just She is that consider security and critical privacy matters and pay a lot of attention. An international dating site needs to maintain all the laws and regulations while making its site; hence Just She has done a remarkable job keeping the utmost security on the site.

They have an on-site support team that’s available 24/7 to monitor all the activities on the site. You could see that there will not be any bots coming on the site. As a user, you must also not engage in any activities that might be considered obscene or vulgar. And if you come across any person who does that, you can report them to the authorities.

The support team ensures that there’s also no data theft or security threat that goes around. The site has an in-built 256-bit SSL encryption that allows members to enter their data and information without being considered. Since the site is sensitive due to the same-sex category, the site moderators have done a remarkable job maintaining decorum. We could not come across any scammers or bots of any kind, and any comments based on racial, sexist kinds are not tolerated on the site.


In conclusion, it can be safely said that the Just She dating site is one of the best sites for same-sex and lesbians. You’ll often see that the best parts about the site are that how easily it allows lesbians and queers to be open and welcoming to each other. The site developers have built it so that lesbians will immediately feel at home on the site. You’ll also see that it’s not just a site but an entire community.

There’s a feeling of commonness that everyone shares. Lesbians and queers need platforms that’ll help them not feel judged by their choices and be open to everything. The site also offers an additional trial period that allows members to first look at the site and then venture into it. It’s no wonder that the site has over 15 million members, and the popularity keeps increasing. The membership choices you’re given is to allow you to make your own choices. Overall, you’ll not be disappointed with the site as it gives you a memorable experience and will enable you to remain who you are without being judged.

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